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    Whether you need full bookkeeping and management support services, or simply the audit of company accounts once a year, we tailor our services to the needs of our clients. Our payroll services are comprehensive and cover all aspects of employers responsibilities and duties. As independent financial advisers and tax consultant we have extensive expertise to offer every employer.

    Operating Structure

    Need help in choosing the best operating structure for your business? Then give us a call. We can take you through the options and explain in simple terms what is involved and advise on what is best for you.

    You need to register your business for tax at the earliest possible time. We can advise you on what is required and should you wish, we can make all the arrangements on your behalf, leaving you more time to concentrate on your business.

    Do you qualify for the exemption from corporation tax? What does this involves and what do you have to do to claim the exemption.

    Starting A Business

    • Sole Trader
    • Partnership
    • Limited Company

    Business Records & Accounts

    Complete support services for business. This includes:

    • Bookkeeping services
    • Payroll Service
    • Employer pension obligations
    • Monthly tax returns
    • Management Information Systems
    • Accounts

    We also provide advisory support services for businesses that carry out their own bookkeeping but need help from time to time.

    Incorporating an Existing Business

    • Statutory obligation
    • Steps involved
    • What are the tax implication

    Buying & Selling Companies

    • Considering value & financial issues
    • Negotiation
    • Structure
    • Tax Implications
    • Due diligence

    Business Protection Planning

    • The strenght of a business rests on its owners and key managers. It is important to identify and plan for contingencies such as loss through serious illness, or untimely death. This involves not only the demands as a result of loosing a key person, but also retaining control within the current group.
    • Key-person and partnership insurance.
    • Shareholders agreements and contingency purchase arrangements.

    Sourcing Premises For Business

    • Lease or buy decisions
    • Personal or corporate ownership of property
    • Leasing to your own business
    • Funding property acquisitions

    Business Plans

    We can prepare and advise on business plans. This includes report writing and preparation of financial data and analysis.

    Funding Business Activity

    • Planning working capital and financial requirements
    • Loan applications
    • Tax planning and scheduling
    • Leasing and Hire Purchase

    Investment Strategy

    • Financial Analysis
    • Investment return
    • Quantitative analysis

    Employment Services

    • Confidential payroll bureaux
    • Employer obligations
    • Redundancy services
    • Pension arrangements (compulsory for employers)
    • Insurance
    • Personal financial services
    • FREE Tax Efficient Remuneration Review for Payroll Clients

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We provide a comprehensive range of tax and financial services as well as the established detailed accountancy services. Our financial planning services takes care of all your business and personal needs.

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