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    Doing Business In Ireland

    Well Established Industry Networks & Supports

    Ireland is a great place to work and do business. It has well established business and financial networks and structures.

    Highly Educated & Skilled Workforce

    The workforce is highly skilled, supported by government and other agencies, including third level institutions.

    Strong Financial Services Sector

    Our financial services sector and networks are highly developed throughout the country. The International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) in concentrated in the capital (Dublin). The world's major financial institutions are represented there. It has an established and international reputation and has the full support of our government and the EU.

    Gateway To Europe & The World

    We have modern national and international transport networks and provide a perfect gateway for international tade and commerce. We have been members of the EU for more than thirty years.

    Common Currency EURO

    We were among the first member states to adopt the EURO as the national currency facilitating effective financial trading relationships with the rest of EU.

    Pro Business Government & State Supports

    Enterprise Ireland forms the bridge for international trade between Ireland and the world.

    Established R & D Culture

    We have a well educated workforce with established R&D networks involving state agencies, our colleges and a highly motivated indigenous sub-supply sector.

    Tax In The Construction Industry

    Regulatory Framework

    We can advise on all aspects of construction activity in Ireland. Through our links with financial institutions we can facilitate funding and the establishment of banking arrangements for our clients. We offer business advice on all aspects of construction activity including liaising with customers, agencies and other professionals.

    Subcontractors Tax

    In addition to other business tax, subcontractors tax is a withholding tax applied to payments under construction contracts in Ireland. This can be avoided by prior approval from the Revenue Commissioners. We can advise on and operate this for our clients.

    Manufacturing & Internationally Traded Services

    Tax System

    In the past special tax incentives were provided in this sector
    The government secured a standard rate of tax of 12.5% for companies' trading profits.

    Industrial Premises & Plant

    Tax capital allowances are available on plant and certain industrial premises.

    Tax Relief For R & D Activities

    Special tax allowance apply for R&D expenditure subject to conditions

    Tax Exempt Income From Patents

    Income may be exempt from tax for certain qualifying patents.

    Management Information Systems

    We can provide financial controller services for business

    Distribution Activities

    Ireland provides the perfect hub for international trade

    Journalism & The Arts

    We advise many professions including journalists in their capacity as employees and consultants.

    • Taxation of Income
    • Operation of PAYE
    • VAT Registration
    • Operating structure
    • Tax Incentives & Relief
    • Artists Exemption

    Motor Trade

    The first quarter of 2009 saw an expected slump in car sales generally. There are great bargains to be had, but consumer confidence is at a low ebb based on the impact of the global economic downturn. The spending frenzy may be over or has been checked. Our car prices are relatively high as a result of tax, with VAT and VRT accounting for the lion's share of the cost. Tax revenues have collapsed as a result of falling sales. It's may be the time for a change in government policy on VRT. This would revitalise the industry and create nw opportunities for business as well as consumers.

    Farming & The Bloodstock Industry

    We provide book-keeping and support services for routine activities. Our consultancy services cover business planning and finance, retirement planning and passing on the family business and other tax and financial services.

    • Taxation Of Income From Farming
    • Tax Incentives
    • Passing On The Farm To Family Members
    • Employment Of Family Members
    • Tax Relief For Forestry

    The Retail Sector & The Services Sector

    We provide book-keeping and support services for routine activities. Our consultancy services cover business planning and finance, operating structure, staff incentive schemes, buying and selling companies.

    • Operating Structure For Business
    • Financial Controls
    • Staff Remuneration & Payroll
    • Operation Of VAT

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