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Resources and Websites

We provide a comprehensive range of tax and financial services and established accountancy services. Our financial plan services takes care of all your business. Here we have provided a selection of important websites and links to useful that you will find helpful for your tax and citizens information.

  • Independant Newspapers (Website)

    The Irish Independent was formed in 1905 as the direct successor to the Daily Irish Independent. It's now Ireland's largest-selling daily newspaper and important publication of Independent News & Media.
  • Revenue Commissioners (Website)

    The Office of the Revenue Commissioners is the primary state body responsible for the assessment and collection of taxes and duties in the Republic of Ireland, established by Government Order in 1923.
  • The Local Property Tax (Website)

    An annual self-assessed Local Property Tax (LPT) charged on the market value of all residential properties in the State came into effect with the passing of the LPT Act 2012, administered by The Revenue.
  • Companies Registration Office (Website)

    The Companies Registration Office is the central repository of public statutory information on Irish companies and business names. The CRO operates under the Department of Jobs, Enterprise, Innovation.
  • LIA Professional Factsheet (PDF Document)

    LIA is the professional education and development association for those who work in all areas of the Financial Services industry. The above link is a collection of information regarding common taxes.
  • Citizens Information Ireland (Website)

    Citizensinformation.ie provides comprehensive information on public services and on the entitlements of citizens in Ireland. They gather information from various government departments and agencies.

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We provide a comprehensive range of tax and financial services as well as the established detailed accountancy services. Our financial planning services takes care of all your business and personal needs.

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