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    Tax Check

    Don't know if you paid the right tax! We can check it for you and if you paid too much we can get it back with our CheckIt forms.

    Ask a Question

    If you have a tax question, we can answer it. Email us your query or use our contact form. We don't hide behind our computers. We'll meet you face to face if that's what you prefer.

    Gifts & Inheritances

    Whether you are giving something away, or you got something for free, we can explain the tax consequences. Gifts and inheritances are taxable, but it depends on who you are and how you set it up. Gifts can even create capital gains tax, which comes as a surprise to most people. Before the recession capital taxes were charged at 20%, now they are 33%. Avoid surprises and find out how it affects you now.Don't just think about it. That's what we are here for. We are independent advisers and we only act in your best interest. That's why you should talk to us.

    Local Property Tax

    Have you exhausted all the possibilities with the authorities and you still want help. We are qualified and experienced financial advisers and we can answer your questions.

    Starting a Business

    You could do it yourself, or you can leave it to us. What do you think is the better choice? We can take away the red tape so that you can get on with the job.

    Starting Work or Changing Jobs

    If you don't do it right the taxman gets more. We can take the pain out of tax, by getting your tax credits and charges right. All you have to do is email, or give us a call. We'll make sure there are no lose ends. We are independent financial advisers and we act solely in your best interest.

    Going Abroad or Returning Home

    How does it affect you for tax and what should you do? It's complex but we can make it simple. Talk to us now.

    Need a Tax Agent?

    If you want someone to talk to Revenue on your behalf about your tax, you need to give written authorisation. An Agent Link form is attached. This would be needed to file returns. A Form A! is required if we need to talk about your PAYE credits and current tax. We only need these if we are dealing with Revenue. We don't need them to talk to you.

About Us

We provide a comprehensive range of tax and financial services as well as the established detailed accountancy services. Our financial planning services takes care of all your business and personal needs.

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We are available during standard business hours to answer your queries via phone, email or by using our web contact form. Please visit this page to get in touch, we promise to respond within 48 hours.