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    We identify and explain the best investment opportunities for our clients, balancing investment return with capital protection. Wealth management only begins with the choice of investment. Good management requires regular care and attention. Anyone can sell a product. We maintain it and make it better.

    There is no end to the list of investment opportunities that are out there. Since the downturn, the greatest concern for most people is that they might lose what they have. Even though it was always possible, some people never thought it could happen. Investment strategy is a combination of balancing risk to achieve the best return, without losing the resources that generate the income.

    The four basic asset classes are cash, fixed interest bonds, property and equities (company stocks and shares). Even governments are not safe anymore. What you have is only as safe as the place where you keep it. That's why some people keep their EURO in Germany where it makes no return and others deposit them at home, even though the risk of loss might be higher. There are built-in protections, but where are they? There are investment strategies but none are perfect. It needs care and attention. Even if you are invested in managed funds, who are they managed for; you or the investment manager? You pay them a fee to buy into their fund, not to protect yours.

    We take a holistic approach to our investment strategies, as we do with all aspects of our service to clients. If you want someone to work with you to help your investments grow you've come to the right place. Give us a call and find out how we can help.

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